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More Trouble At Massage Envy

It is well known that a good massage is a way to reduce stress, improve posture, and increase your circulation, however, Massage Envy customers are continuing to come forward and sue the company alleging that they have been sexually abused by Massage Envy employees while receiving a massage.

The number of sexual abuse lawsuits against industry leading Massage Envy has increased by three recently. It seems as if the more women who came forward and filed suit against the company, the more empowered others became to report the abuses that they allegedly have suffered. Massage Envy is accused of not only aiding and abetting the crime of sexual abuse by their franchisees, but also in failing to come forward and report these crimes.

Recently, an Illinois women brought suit against the company claiming that the Massage Envy therapist touched her inappropriately in August of 2016 while performing a massage. The massage employee was terminated despite claiming that the incident never occurred. In Oregon, two women are suing Massage Envy claiming that an employee has repeatedly committed sexual assault crimes against them. The employee was arrested and charged with sexual abuse, sodomy and unlawful sexual penetration amongst a total of nine sexually-related crimes.

Massage Envy is the largest massage/spa franchise in the country with over 1000 franchisees and provides customers with massage and skin care services. The total Massage Envy client base numbers over 1.65 million and the firm employs over 25,000 massage therapists and estheticians. It is clear that the massage business attracts certain unsavory characters that abuse their status as a therapist for their own perverted sexual satisfaction. Almost nowhere is a person more vulnerable than when they lying on a massage table wearing only a towel. It should be mandatory that a massage session is witnessed by a third party of the same sex as the client, much like the requirement placed on dentists and gynecologists.