Restaurant Franchise
Restaurant Franchise

Washington, D.C., Restaurant Franchise Attorney

Restaurant franchises exist in virtually every state, city, and medium sized town in the U.S. As a prospective franchise owner, you probably have many questions regarding the factors involved in buying a franchise. As an experienced restaurant franchise lawyer, I help people interested in such restaurant franchises as casual dining establishments, fast food outlets, and even ice cream shops.

Are you thinking about buying a pizza franchise or other type of fast-food franchise? Please contact me, Mario L. Herman, to arrange your consultation.

Casual dining establishments

Casual dining restaurants include everything from pizza franchises to sports bars. American consumers readily identify with established restaurant brands. If you are interested in buying a casual dining franchise, you can protect your investment by meeting with me. I can discuss with you the risk factors involved.

Fast food chains

Are you interested in buying a fast food restaurant franchise? There are many options for you to choose from. I can help you decide if the franchise you are interested in is the right fit for you.

Ice cream shops

Ice cream parlors are expanding in popularity. You can take advantage of this by buying your own ice cream franchise. Let me answer the questions you have before buying a franchise.


I also represent franchisees in disputes that must be resolved through arbitration. Disputes can involve territorial encroachment, contract issues, franchise agreements, future royalties, and a host of other issues. Contact me today to learn how I can help.

Restaurant Franchise