Healthcare and Wellness Industry
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Healthcare and Wellness Industry

Washington, D.C., Health & Beauty Franchise Attorney

The health, wellness, and beauty industry encompasses a range of services such as hair care, fitness, and long-term care for disabled individuals. The health and wellness industry is broad, and because of this the opportunities for growth are virtually limitless. If you are interested in buying a health and beauty franchise, you can count on my more than 33 years of franchise law experience for the sound legal advice you need.

Would you like to speak with a lawyer about buying a healthcare or beauty franchise? Please contact me, Mario L. Herman, today to arrange your consultation.

Franchises often fill a consumer’s desire for convenience and brand-name familiarity. Are you interested in learning how my experience in franchise law can help you make the right decision? For over two decades, I have helped health and beauty franchises during the formative stages of buying such businesses as:

  • Salons
  • Barber shops
  • Spas
  • Weight loss or diet franchises
  • Cosmetic franchises

Home health care

A growing area of the health and wellness industry provides services to those who require in-home care. Brain injuries and other disabling conditions often present the need for qualified individuals to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

My experience in the niche field of franchise law has provided me with broad knowledge that can be put to work for you. Let me help you assess a healthcare and beauty franchise purchase, or counsel you on a dispute with a franchisor that requires arbitration. Contact me today.

Healthcare and Wellness Industry