Consulting in China
Consulting in China

Consulting With China — Lawyer Mario L. Herman

In recent years, China has been experiencing rapid economic growth. However, with the recent recession, there has been a decline in the demand for Chinese exports. One solution to this decline lies in foreign investment.

I am Mario L. Herman and I provide advice and counsel to Chinese investors. With more than 33 years of experience representing international businesses with franchise issues in the United States, I can provide you with the knowledgeable guidance and skilled counsel you need. Contact me, consulting with China attorney Mario L. Herman, to discuss your investment options in the U.S. Our team includes individuals with international franchise experience that includes a representative in China.

Providing Advice to Chinese Investors and Franchisees

China is poised to lead the world in innovation and economic growth. I am committed to helping Chinese investors foster this expansion through U.S. franchising. I offer tailored advice and services to meet your business needs involving:

From my office in Washington, D.C., I am positioned to assist you with issues throughout the United States and worldwide. In addition to helping Chinese investors set up franchises in the United States, I can also assist you with master franchises in your home country.

Contact Mario L. Herman — International Franchising Law Attorney

Whether you are investing at home or abroad, I will leverage my resources to help you meet your business goals. Experienced at consulting with Chinese corporations, I can help you with language, cultural and marketing issues. Contact me to discuss your business venture and franchise options.

Consulting in China