Franchisee Arbitration Lawyer

Arbitration is widely recognized in franchise law as the preferred form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). There are a variety of issues and disputes that can lead to the need for representation in arbitration. As an experienced franchisee arbitration lawyer, I can represent your rights and the rights of your franchise.

I have more than 33 years of experience handling franchise issues for franchisees domestically and internationally. To learn more about franchisee arbitration and to arrange a consultation, contact me online, Mario L. Herman.

What is Franchise Arbitration?

Typically, a franchise agreement calls for arbitration in the event of a franchise agreement dispute. Franchise arbitration has become a major alternative dispute resolution method to traditional franchise litigation. It is now a well-recognized aspect of franchise law for the resolution of contract issues.

During the arbitration process, an appointed arbitrator (usually a third-party attorney) will listen to both sides of the dispute. He or she will then play the role of the judge and issue a legally binding decision. Arbitration allows franchisees to settle their matters quickly and outside of the public eye. In addition, franchise dispute arbitration is usually less costly than traditional court.

Experienced Arbitration Representation

Often, the best interests of a franchisee are not the franchisor’s primary motive. Franchisees can feel taken advantage of — or even outright lied to — with respect to the projected earnings of a franchise. These situations can fuel disputes that must be resolved through franchisor-franchisee arbitration.

I offer arbitration representation in franchise and contract disputes that include the following:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • False earnings claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Trademark violations
  • Quality control
  • Territorial encroachment
  • Disputes regarding future royalties

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may regulate some of these disputes. I have experience with issues involving the FTC, which include fraud and other deceptive business practices.

Dealing With Issues Involved in Your Type of Franchise

As a franchisee, if you feel an agreement has been dishonored or a franchisor has breached the terms of your contract, you have options. I have represented franchise owners with businesses such as:

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